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The History of Aranmula Kannadi

The History of Aranmula Kannadi

Aranmula Kannadi


Aranmula Kannadi, is a handmade metal-alloy mirror, made in Aranmula, a small town in Kerala, India.

Kerala tourism has declared Aranmula a heritage village. Here in this village a group of skilled, metal-casting artisans spend their days crafting these unique metal mirrors. A tradition that goes back 500 years and a craft only known to few. The crafting process of these mirrors is an ancient craft that is closely guarded and passed down from generation to generation.

What makes the Aranmula mirror special is not just its craft. It is unique because it is a metal mirror that is front-reflecting. This makes it different from plane glass mirrors where reflection takes place from the back surface of the glass. 

In plane mirrors you get a distorted image due to the light travelling through the glass and back, becoming refracted. Coating on a typical plane mirror will also increase distortion, which you also see most commonly in smaller mirrors or bathroom mirrors. This is why your typical household mirror will look different depending on size, quality and placement.

With the Aranmula mirror, because of it’s unique combination of metals and hand polishing, the reflection takes place on the front surface. This eliminates any secondary reflections and distortion giving a pure and almost perfect reflection.

Creating the Aranmula Kannadi is a green and environmentally friendly process. The material used is eco-friendly and obtained locally and most of the materials is re-used leaving almost minimal waste.

Due to the need for the perfect and smooth reflection on each mirror, each Aranmula Mirror is hand polished and refined. One craftsman may only make between 10-15 mirrors each month. 

When it comes to looking for an Aranmula Kannadi there are usually 3 types of mirrors crafted, fixed stand, back stand, and a hand mirror.

Surprisingly, not too long ago the craft was going unrecognised, but is now starting to see a slow revival in recent years. Due to showcasing the mirrors at craft fairs and online demand it is slowly becoming more recognised globally as a unique and beautiful item for households.

Many owners believe keeping an Aranmula kannadi in the house brings great luck to the owner. And still today for this reason it is given as a gift during weddings and housewarming ceremonies.


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