Summer Patio Decor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

Summer Patio Decor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

Summer Patio Decor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space.

Summer is almost on us, and with it comes the chance to take on some outdoor projects in the warmer weather.

We’ve just about had our fill of wet weather and grey afternoons, so when the chance comes to give a little life to the outdoors we can happily make any excuse for a decor makeover.

For us, the patio is always the best place to start decorating for the summer. There is a versatility to what you can do even on a smaller scale, and of course no matter how good the weather gets there is always a risk of rain. 

So even if you prefer a fully outdoor setting this season to create your personal space or host your get-togethers, it’s always ideal to have a backup plan.

Here are some of our favourite designs & ideas you can incorporate into your summer patio design this season.

So let's dust off any cobwebs, sweep up the winter leftovers, and dive right in.

outdoor patio decor summer style


Your Patio Serves A Purpose.

The first thing you want to think about when designing your patio space is to decide what functions you want it to serve. Do you want a space to eat, relax, or entertain? And if you have the space why not aim for an all-encompassing design.

A boring patio doesn’t do anyone any good. If you have the space, think about transforming your patio into a reading nook or a cozy place for you to relax as well as host your guests.

Everyone has their favourite style and ideas that fit their personality, and there are plenty of interesting ways to spruce up your space no matter your decor preference.

Patio Plants:

Adding some greenery is always a good idea to fill out space, whether it's in the form of potted plants or hanging baskets. 

Plants can create a luscious backdrop and fill the space outside, and if you want to use planters they come in a variety of styles to match your decor. 

In fact, these are one of our specialties. 

We personally love Rattan for the Spring & Summer months indoors but it’s best to avoid these for a patio. Rattan can be susceptible to the elements and as much as we adore the sun, it can damage the natural wicker, so these are best kept indoors.

Metal & brass planters generally fare much better outdoors, and metal planters come in a wide variety of styles to give you that perfect match. 

Aluminium, brass, and steel planters that are available in a powder-coated finish are the best choice for your patio. They are durable and resistant to the elements, and won’t chip, crack, or break (especially if we get caught on a windy afternoon).

We would always recommend checking if your planter has a powder-coated finished, or else using an anti-rust treatment or rust-resistant paint if you want to keep any type of planter on your patio, especially overnight.

Patio Fabrics:

You can also brighten up your patio with some colorful outdoor rugs & cushions. Fabrics can do a lot to complement your decor and create an elegant feel with comfort to match.

When choosing fabric for your outdoor seating area, consider using materials that are water-resistant but still breathable such as cotton, canvas or linen (not terry cloth). 

Either material will help protect your furniture from getting damaged by moisture while also allowing it to breathe so the area stays dry during hot summer days when humidity levels rise quickly.

Patio Rugs:

On the topic of fabrics, no patio is complete without a nice rug to complement your theme.

You can keep it small and have something to sit on your entryway as a transition from patio to door or as a welcome area above your steps. 

We prefer to go much bigger and use a rug front and center, and they are absolutely perfect for a seating arrangement or to pop under a coffee table to really anchor your centerpiece.

When picking a rug, design should be important. But let's not forget this will be kept outdoors braving the elements. So the material is just as vital as the overall design and feel. 

Rugs made of synthetic fiber are waterproof and perfect for your patio because they are made of polypropylene on the face and back of the rug. 

Polypropylene can be scrubbed and hosed down, making clean up a quick and easy task. However, these rugs are not as soft and organic as natural fiber rugs.

Unfortunately, jute and seagrass don’t hold up too well in the outdoors and are not as easy to clean if there is heavy dirt or stain build-up. As much as you will want a nice jute rug when you see one, it’s best to avoid these for a patio.

However, you can still go for a natural fiber rug. The best natural fibre rug for a patio is polyester which is resistant to stains and flames, and easy to clean, so you can breathe a little easier if there are any mishaps. 

A good rug can even help keep your patio cooler in the summer. This is because a rug will help reduce heat from the sun from hitting the patio.

Hanging Patio Decor - Our Top Tip For Something A Little Different.

Hanging decor is a great way to free up space, particularly on a smaller patio, and can really make your space look full and stand out. 

You can keep this simple such as fairy lights, wind chimes, or other types of ornaments. If you really want a statement piece you can think outside the box a little. 

A little tip we like and something very much overlooked for patios is to add a decorative mirror to a back wall, or even have one standing. 


The right decorative mirror can really be a statement piece and can be enhanced with lanterns around it or some green climbing plants across the top.


When combined with the right lighting the covered area can really shine throughout the late afternoon and can look absolutely stunning into the late cool nights.

Patio Furniture For The Summer:

And of course, the most important additions. Table and chairs for enjoying your summer patio to the fullest. 

Outdoor furniture can be a big investment. If you want to buy the right patio furniture, you need to consider what type of environment you will be using it in. 

(We hope) throughout the summer your patio will be getting a lot of sun, so we recommend you go for something made out of wood or metal.

Teak wood and wrought iron are generally the two most popular materials for patio tables. Any wooden coffee table can really do wonders in an outdoor setting, although teak and mango are fantastic choices for their durability and natural look.

If you are worried about going for a wooden style, there are plenty of brass and metal options that can always be painted to match your colour scheme and often double up as useful storage baskets.

But before you jump right into filling the space and shopping around for the right products, it's important to create a scheme and define your own style.

Decorating The Patio You've Always Wanted.

Patio decor is moving away from the traditional plastic lawn chairs, plastic tables and plastic plants and the new patio decor is a more sophisticated and updated look.

When you start to think about the style you want to create, consider what do you want your patio to say about you?


Before getting creative you should think about what you want to create as a whole. Are you going for a modern look, or transforming your outdoor space into a rustic farmhouse vibe, or maybe you want to go big and bright, we can help you understand a pattern that suits your needs and matches your own personality.

Some of our favourite styles for an outdoor and patio setting are:

Boho Patio Decor:

Bohemian style is known for its relaxed, free-spirited, and eclectic vibe, and is characterized more so by relaxed, natural, and earthy colors.

The look is based around lots of texture, shapes, and patterns, and is typically accompanied by eco-friendly fabrics, furnishings, and decorations.

Boho decor can be sprinkled throughout a small area, and it can give your home a whole new look. And does not have to be expensive, either.

For example, rugs pair well with wood furniture, and decorative pillows with fun patterns or stripes can add color to a neutral style. 

Brass table decor such as coasters could make great accent pieces, especially when grouped together on a wooden table when you want to entertain your guests.

Anything that can tell a story or catch someone's eye is always a great conversation starter. For us, boho style tells a lot about someone with a vibrant personality and a story behind their style.

Neutral Patio Decor

In our experience, neutral patio decor is growing in popularity.

To really give your outdoor space a luxurious appeal, nothing compares to a neutral-style patio where you are really just keeping things simple and consistent.

If you stick with a neutral color palette of sand, cream, and light wood, a patio like this will make you feel like you’re on vacation every time you step outside. 

The warm summer mornings and long bright afternoons are best enjoyed in your own personal space to relax and unwind with a nice book, or cup of tea. And a neutral style creates this serene and relaxing environment perfectly.

For someone with a garden area or green fingers, a neutral patio decor can help make your backyard seem large and cohesive because green plants can soften the look of the patio, and neutral tones in the furniture pieces help to echo the outdoor decor.

While neutral tones are fun, you can also mix things up with vibrant accent colors. But a neutral patio decor can be more than just white, beige, or gray. With a little creativity, you can bring in colors, patterns, and other accessories that break the mold.

To keep it simple, black and white are both great options—they work great as neutral palettes, and the contrast of black and white creates a modern, clean look.

Rustic Patio Decor:

Rustic styles focus on a no-fuss aesthetic that showcases the beauty of natural materials and comfortable furnishings. We also think if you love and value nature, rustic patio decor is a great way to bring that nature vibe to your space.

So with that in mind - rustic patio decor should be welcoming, warm, and comforting and incorporates the outdoors with a modern twist.

That's not to say it's easy to get right. 

You can always start with the right furniture such as wood, teak, or mango wood style tables and chairs that showcase a natural material that will whizz you back to nature.

Our approach to a rustic style would be keeping the furniture and colour scheme simple, and decorating with a wealth of hanging lanterns and candlesticks. 

You can then complement this with tablecloths, throws, and cushion covers that utilise a simple colour scheme such as light blues and cream. This will let your centerpieces really pop.

Farmhouse Patio Decor:

Many people often confuse farmhouse decor with rustic style. And there can often be overlaps, and of course they can go hand in hand.

What are the farmhouse patio décor elements? 

Farmhouse patio decor is all about the colors of nature and creating a space that feels like home. The colors are generally warm, neutral colors, and they are all about country life and creating a space that is inviting and comfortable. The colors can blend together to create a warm and homey space.

When looking at a patio with farmhouse in mind, our approach would be three or four armchairs (dependant on space), a round table, floral arrangements, and flowerpots. 

A red or blue patterned area rug and some potted plants are also nice additions. And for the colour scheme, you can really just keep it white, beige, or neutral with pops of colour on your furniture and decor.

Shabby Chic Patio Deco:

Shabby chic is the quintessential outdoor decor style Shabby chic decor is fast becoming a favorite of interior decorators and homeowners alike, because it is a style that easily adapts to almost anything. 

The first thing to understand about the Shabby Chic decor style is that it is about imperfection

With this in mind, if you want to add some shabby chic elements to your patio design, you can easily do so with the right furniture choices. 

You can find almost anything available in this style, Potted plants, outdoor lighting, garden accessories, decorative mirrors, and even outdoor curtains for a shabby chic effect that can be utilized in your outdoor space.

After all, the right furniture is what will give your patio the finished look that you are going for. 

Small Patio Decorating Ideas - Taking A Small Patio To New Heights.

We know smaller patios can be a headache, especially for those living in towns and cities who don't quite have the space and reach to go big.

There are many stylish designs and clever ways to transform even the smallest patio into a space you'll want to spend your evenings entertaining and relaxing on sunny mornings.

Decorating a small patio is tricky because there is a fine balance between having so much that you overwhelm the space. The number one rule of decorating a small patio is to use clutter control. 

It's easy to lose restraint when you find the perfect match, and then something to match that, and well.. you know how it goes. 

Designing A Small Patio For Your Personal Space

As we mentioned before, the key here is to decide what you want your space to be. 

If it's for your own personal sanctuary then you can likely fill it with everything you need from a table, chair, or lounger, candle holders for late afternoon lighting, and a few planters to tie it all in and let your favorite plants flourish around you.

For your own space, you can really embrace the smaller space and create a cosy intimate spot without worrying about leaving the room.

Hosting On A Small Patio

If you want to host and entertain on a small patio, then you want as much floor space as possible. What you are looking for here is hanging decor, wall planters, and anything you can get off the ground and onto the surroundings.

That's not to say the ground is off-limits. This is the perfect opportunity to use a rug that matches your surrounding style. Although we recommend you go for a durable rug that can withstand the wear and tear of your guests, and maybe a few spillages along the way.

Creating A Small Patio Sanctuary:

For the best of both worlds, we recommend a sort of banquet seating area, particularly if your patio is more squared.

By having the seating around the perimeter of the patio, it allows for more floor space to be visible and not feel too cramped.

You can then fill out above and behind the seats with plants to create a sunken patio area that gives a cozy feeling and really fills out the surrounding area.

With a coffee table in the center you can use this as the focal point for your style. Look to contrast your table with a rug underneath, choose tableware to match.

Add some cushion throws to match your overall decor that can add some colour to really pop or keep with a neutral style.

You can even go with some planters here for a rustic or farmhouse vibe.  When the surroundings are filled out with lush greenery and flourishing plants you don't even realise the smaller space. When it comes to plants and greenery we say more is best and bigger is better no matter how much space you are working with.

It may seem like a lot to take in.

But don’t feel overwhelmed before you get started, because once you think you have finished styling your patio there is always a nook and cranny left to work on when something new and stylish catches your eye.

When you are relaxing on your patio on a hot, sunny day in the open air, it will have all been worth it.

Your patio space is both practical and beautiful, and choosing the right decor will set the tone and mood for your sanctuary.

Be sure to check out our summer decor collection for some of ideas and our top items for your patio.

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