Elephant Inspired Home Decor

Elephant Inspired Home Decor

Elephant Inspired Home Decor - Design Tips & Inspiration.

In recent years we have seen quite a rise in the popularity of elephant home decor and furniture. In fact, when we first started Mytri Designs on Etsy, our elephant oil burners were some of our best sellers.

The variations of elephant-themed art and home decor has become so extensive that it's easy to see why people are so taken with these majestic designs.

But where has the idea of elephant designs in the home originated from?

As we will touch on, the influence of elephant art and figurines actually goes back to the renaissance period, so it’s safe to say it’s not just a short-lived fad.

The elephant figurine actually holds an important place in ancient culture and mythology and is often used by many cultures in home decoration, to symbolise power, integrity, and strength.

Vastu Shastra, and Feng Shui.

To get a better understanding of the ideas behind using elephant-inspired decor, we need to consider the ideas of Vastu Shastra, and Feng Shui in home decor.

To touch on these concepts for those who aren’t aware of them, according to a number of traditional beliefs, each home comes with its own energy type.

Each person comes under the influence of a specific energy field in their home, which influences them in one way or another. 

Vastu Shastra is the science of architecture and an ancient guide in home design. Vastu refers to 'abode' and Shastra means science or knowledge, so Vastu Shastra is the sacred holistic science behind the construct of a home.

If you’ve ever completed an interior decorating project, you might have heard of or even considered Feng Shui. 

The philosophy of Feng Shui is a Chinese term that refers to the principles and practices of placement and orientation using art and decor.

Feng Shui encourages organizing items in a way that brings positive energy to the space you’re decorating and welcomes the use of figures and art that bring good fortune such as elephant-inspired items.

Each item as well as their style and color have their own ‘energy flow’ that should be chosen to achieve harmony with nature.

So, with these principles in mind, we can now start to think about the meaning of each object and design in a home and what this means for an elephant-inspired decor setting.

The Elephant In The Room

The Symbolic Meaning Behind Elephant Decor.

As we mentioned, elephant art & figurines can be traced back as far as the renaissance period. But many renaissance artists had never even seen an elephant before taking on the task of painting one!

This popularity can be attributed to the rise of Buddhism through this period. Without going too far into a history lesson, the influence of Buddhism has brought with it symbols like the elephant in art and culture.

And this influence led to efforts such as this from many famed artists.

[Depictions have improved a lot since then]

 In much of Buddhist art, elephants are pictured carrying scrolls with quotes, sayings, and lessons that are meant to be learned by life which became quite inspiring for many.

This was also helped by the elephant being seen as a Royal Animal, a large, intimidating, yet graceful creature.

Over time different cultures and religions have developed their own interpretations of their symbolism and meaning. Elephants have become a symbol of luck, longevity, wisdom, strength and fertility, and much more.

So, how can we use this influence our own homes?

Elephant Ideas For The Home – And What They Mean.

Going back to feng shui and thinking about the intentional placement of items in the home, we can start to think about using the elephant symbol that means something to you and your space.

[A bright elephant with it's trunk up facing outward, what does it all mean?]

Here are some simple ideas to get you thinking.

We’ve all hear the phrase “an elephant never forgets”. This representation of their wisdom means they are connected to water, which is often associated with intelligence or knowledge.

So, one way to use an elephant figurine is by placing it near a water feature such as a pond, or fountain.

Elephants also have a connection to cloudy skies, so if you have the mindset to think about a brighter blue sky beyond the clouds this can be a representation of prosperity and growth.

Here, it is believed that when you see an elephant in your dreams it means positive things will happen soon and there will be a lot of change coming into your life.

Surrounding yourself with this type of imagery can help you maintain positive thinking throughout your daily life.

Elephants are also known for their protective nature. Their strong intuition & hearing allows them to know exactly what is happening even over long distances, and they will act and react accordingly.

For their size they are very gentle, graceful, and peaceful creatures. They are known to stop other elephants from fighting with each other and are very gentle and receptive to people.

Yet, they are also very protective of their herd and territory, and can get aggressive when provoked.

With this in mind, an elephant's nature can inspire us be more protective of ourselves and those we love. They can remind us to take care of our surroundings and to seek out harmony with others, and ensure those closest to us are safe.

They can also be a great protector of the home which we will touch on when it comes to the placement of figurines or artwork.

If you are interested in this concept, there is a fantastic article from spirit animal for more inspiration on elephant symbolism which goes into great depth and may give you some inspiration for your own home.

Now that you are starting to see how you can incorporate symbolism into your decor, we can look at the types of decor you can incorporate, your and the placements you can use in the home to really bring this idea to life.

Elephant Decor Ideas For The Home.

Elephant Artwork and Paintings.

Elephant paintings are quite a popular choice for the home. When choosing an image, think of your goal and make sure that the elephant you are getting is associated with positive activity. It is important to avoid any imagery depicting war or that of a violent nature.

Elephant statues:

Elephant statues are mostly popular in Chinese homes. They represent good luck and are considered to be sacred animals that bring the family fortune. Choosing the right one can be important because it’s a part of your home’s entrance to welcome good luck into your life.

You can incorporate elephant statues and figures into so many areas in your home or workplace. 

For example, you can place them as living room decor, sink handles, coffee table legs, an elephant-shaped pottery planter, a lamp decoration such as a base or shade, desk decor such as an elephant figurine on top of your pen holder or pencil cup (and yes you can get these elephant-shaped items!), and so much more!

Elephant photos:

If you don’t want to get your hands on statues or figurines you can use an elephant photograph in a decorative frame. You can also use elephant designs on cushions or as wallpapers or decals! Elephant images can be very powerful, but they should also be soothing in nature.

Elephant-Inspired Home Accessories:

Elephant-inspired cushions, tapestry wall hanging, curtain tie backs, door handles, wallpaper, murals, and even upholstery can all be used to give a great decor.

Placement For A Meaningful Relationship With The Home.

Elephant statues can be used in decorating to bring balance, prosperity and luck. Figurines can be placed in many areas of the house for good fortune, where their meaning represents their placement.

At the entrance of a home:

Elephant statues placed inside the front door at the entrance of a home can have two meanings.

An elephant statue facing away from the door brings luck into the home.

If it faces forward, however, it protects your home against bad energy and other undesirable entities.

Here is a quick design idea: 

An elephant with its trunk up symbolizes the showering of good luck to the home. You could also consider using hanging decor above the door with the elephant facing your preferred direction.

In The Hallway:

Hanging elephant decor above the door in your house is hoped to protect against theft and keep burglars away from your home.

[Hanging elephant beads placed inside the front door for luck and protection]

It is also said that having their image face outwards on artwork or statues helps to ward off evil spirits and thieves, and also helps keep positive chi from escaping.

Design Idea For Your Hallway: 

A pair of elephants to act as a symbol of protection.

In the office:

People usually consider elephants as symbols of wisdom and power mainly due to their mental sharpness and fantastic memory.

Here in your office, elephant decor is meant to energize your workspace. Placing an elephant statue near your entrance will bring you a lot of motivation, make you more creative, and help achieve higher goals.

Design Idea For An Office: 

Any form of Elephant design is suitable for office decor. An elephant with its trunk facing downward represents the ability to solve challenges and longevity. Making it the most suitable choice for offices.

[Colourful elephant pen pot for creative inspiration]

Some of the best options for office decor are to place a statue or figurine on your work desk, or keep a piece of art on the wall near your door. Some also like to keep elephant-inspired stationary and work diaries to increase concentration and help deal with pressure.

In the living room: 

Elephants inspire peaceful feelings and are often used to promote a sense of togetherness. Elephant decor in the living room can strengthen the bonds between family members and children.

You can introduce calm and togetherness into your living space by placing furniture with an elephant motif, or you could choose pillows, rugs, lamps and storage units that showcase an elephant design.

Design Idea For Your Living Room: 

Two elephants with intertwined trunks symbolize friendship and love and three elephants symbolize a peaceful family life and togetherness.

For A bedroom:

Elephants represent love, strength, intelligence and luck when placed in the master bedroom. If you are decorating in a child’s bedroom, elephants represent intelligence and when placed on the walls of your child’s room is said to bring academic success.

Design Ideas For Bedrooms: 

Master Bedroom: An elephant with its trunk down is accumulating energy and pushing through obstacles, or several elephants together can be used as a symbol of fertility.

Children's Bedroom: A pair of elephants is a symbol of protection, making the elephant's protective status a popular choice for children’s rooms.

FAQ’s About Elephant Decor.

What Direction Should Elephants Face For Good Luck?

Generally, it is preferred to face an elephant figurine or statue in the north direction to attract luck and positive energy.

The ideal direction to place the elephant figurine in the office area is also in a north-facing direction. It is said to lead to growth in work and attract wisdom. 

Those looking for career success should place the elephant figurine facing North. This is represented in Hindu culture, where the North is ruled by Kubera, the God of wealth.

Should The Trunk Face Up Or Down? Importance of the elephant trunk:

Going back to Feng Shui and the importance of harnessing energy from design, we can look at the importance of the elephant itself.

2 of the most common differences in each elephant design that tie into Feng Shui are the colour and the trunk.

A raised trunk symbolizes a good mood as well as good fortune, while a down trunk indicates focus and sensuality. 

The direction of the trunk can be upward or downward. An upward trunk represents the ability to solve challenges and longevity, while a downward-facing trunk means prosperity and progeny. While the upward-facing trunk is a more common and popular design, an elephant's trunk in the downward-facing direction doesn’t mean bad luck as many would debate. 

This idea of bad luck comes from a more traditional belief that the downward-facing trunk represents the ability to not be afraid when challenges arise.

in India, the trunk facing down is related to conception and longevity, while in Thailand it is related to stability. 

In China, it is believed that success is linked to water, and in order to find water you need to search and look down. It is with this belief that an elephant holding its trunk close to the ground can attract success and good fortune.

We hope you enjoyed this article and found some inspiration for your own home. We would love for you to share them with us! Just let us know in the comments below, or tag your images on social media.

For more ideas, be sure to check out our elephant inspired decor collection which we are expanding on a very regular basis due to its popularity.

For any other questions feel free to get in touch any time at customersupport@mytridesigns.com

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