Celebrate Ethical Sustainable Homeware

Celebrate Ethical Sustainable Homeware

Elephant Home Decor Gifts

Elephant home decor is a great way to show your love for these majestic creatures, while also adding some interesting and unique style to your home.

Elephants are universally loved & respected by cultures across the world. They carry with them symbolism, which represents their strength, stamina, patience, memory, and family.

In Hindu mythology the elephant is often used in home decoration, to symbolise power, integrity and strength.

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Elephant Home Decor Gifts
Sitting Elephant Oil Burner
Regular price £28.60 £38.28
Black Elephant Oil Burner
Regular price £19.80 £33.00
Elephant Oil Burner
Regular price £19.80 £38.28
Elephant Wax Melt Burner
Regular price £18.70
Hand-Painted Boho Elephant Figurines
Regular price £7.70 £14.00
Indian Elephant Hanging Decor
Regular price £4.95 £9.00
Brass Elephant Bookmark
Regular price £15.40 £20.00
Indian Elephant Wall Hanging
Regular price £4.40 £8.00
Decorative Elephant Wall Hook
Regular price £15.00
Elephant Wooden Hook Rack
Regular price £12.00
Wooden Elephant Letter Opener
Regular price £9.90 £13.00

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