Aranmula Kannadi

Experience traditional Indian craftmanship at its finest with the Aranmula Kannadi mirror.

These unique mirrors are handcrafted in the village of Aranmula, Kerala, using a traditional method that has been passed down through generations.

Its creation is a closely guarded secret, known to only a few families in Aranmula.

Shop with 100% satisfaction, as each Aranmula Kannadi comes with a certification of authenticity.

Aranmula Kannadi
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Aranmula Val Kannadi Mirror
Regular price £115.50 £123.00
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Aranmula Kannadi Back Stand
Regular price £137.50 £165.00
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Aranmula Kannadi - Gopi Design
Regular price £112.20 £120.00
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Aranmula Kannadi - Golden Leaf
Regular price £150.70 £160.00

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