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Mytri Designs

Our Story and Values

All our products are made by companies that provide a fair wage and safe and ethical conditions for workers. We made a conscious choice to support small and family businesses to give back to the community and to the artists whose products we buy.

When it comes to sourcing our products, we work with businesses as well as with NGO’s and local artisans in India and recently partnered with our first NGO in Sri Lanka. Working with skilled craftsmen ensures continuity of tradition and unique art forms, and in the long run, provides support and long-term employment for local communities.

Providing a platform for traditional Indian craft and promoting their beautiful handmade products is something very close to our heart. The expert crafting methods used have been passed down and refined through generations. The result are products with a unique feel that are one of a kind and made to the highest quality.

Most of the vendors and artists we work with had a difficult 2020 so it was decided to support them by placing bulk orders to help restart their livelihood. For 2021 we now have 3 new NGOs in our supplier base. 

Our Products

Many of our products are handled by small families in India who are experts in their craft. One such example are our exceptional Aranmula mirrors.

The village of Aranmula is a listed U.N. world heritage site in the Indian province of Kerala. An extended family of skilled, metal-casting craftsmen make these unique metal mirrors, the exact alloys of which are only known to the craftsmen themselves.

Creating the mirror is a green and environmentally friendly process. The material used is eco-friendly and obtained locally and there is minimum waste as most of the materials are recycled.

The labour and care that goes into the making and polishing to achieve the perfect reflection means one craftsman may only make between ten to fifteen mirrors each month. Until not too long ago this 500-year-old craft was going unrecognised but is starting to see a slow revival. We are delighted to be able to share with you these unique mirrors that with their luxury finish and an air of vintage make a wonderful beauty and home accessory, as well as a beautiful gift.


At MytriDesigns we focus on sourcing sustainable and eco-friendly products. A constantly growing part of our products is made up by products from recycled metal, glass, paper, recycled saris as well as re-claimed wood.

Metal and brass can be recycled numerous times and not suffer any diminishing effect to its composition making it highly sustainable for future use.

The mango wood that is used to make our bowls, stools and other items comes from sustainable sources.

We also have a number of brass items in our range. Brass does not rust which makes brass decor ideal for long-term use. The same holds true for our stone, ceramic and blue pottery items that are made from materials that provide you with long-lasting products.

Customer Satisfaction

At MytriDesigns we put our customers at the centre of everything we do. Please reach out to us if you have any questions related to our products or delivery methods or anything else we can help with. Please do let us know if there are any products you would like to see in our range, or if you are a business looking for cooperation. If there is anything we could do differently, we would love to hear from you. We guarantee a full refund to all customers that are not 100% happy with their product.


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