Ceramic Decor

With handmade ceramic decor, there is something special behind each product. The character of each piece, the styling, the paint, everything is unique and tells a story from the artist who created it.

All of this creates something special and unique to style your home.
Ceramic wall coat hooks
Ceramic Wall Hooks
Regular price £30.45
Ceramic Tea Towel Hooks
Regular price £14.30
10% off
Ceramic Buddha Oil Burner
Regular price £15.40 £17.00
30% off
Ceramic Yoga Mug
Regular price £9.90 £14.00
5% off
Blue Pottery Ceramic Candle Holders
Regular price £19.80 £21.00
Black Ceramic Oil Burner
Regular price £13.20
Ceramic Dark Blue Oil Burner
Regular price £17.60

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