Candle Holders - Sale

Handcrafted unusual and unique candle holders for a cosy atmosphere.

Vintage, statement, ceramic, hand-painted, reclaimed wood, glass or metal, winter indoor or summer outdoor - we have something for everyone and every style.

Candle Holders - Sale
5% off
Blue Pottery Oil Burner - Blue & Yellow
Regular price £20.90 £22.00
40% off
Blue Pottery Oil Burner - Floral Design
Regular price £11.00 £18.00
5% off
Blue Pottery Ceramic Candle Holders
Regular price £19.80 £21.00
Hanging Metal Candle Holder
Regular price £14.00
10% off
Silver Foiled Glass Candle Holder
Regular price £18.00 £19.18
Gold Mosaic Candle Holder
Regular price £15.00
No discount
Mosaic Glass Tealight Holder
Regular price £14.00
Gold Lotus Flower Candle Holder
Regular price £15.00

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