Celebrate Ethical Sustainable Homeware

Celebrate Ethical Sustainable Homeware

Winter Decor

Winter is a time for cozy fires, candles, and of course, changing up your home decor to match the season. Here are a few ideas to get you started on updating your home for winter.

Winter Decor
Black & White Cotton Throw Blanket
Regular price £29.70 £32.00
Jute & Denim Rug
Regular price £45.10 £96.28
Tall Golden Brass Candlestick Holder
Regular price £19.00 £20.00
Blue & White Cotton Throw
Regular price £29.70 £33.00
Rainbow Throw Blanket
Regular price £41.00
Hexagon Candle & Tealight Holders
Regular price £25.30 £31.51
Silver Foiled Glass Candle Holder
Regular price £18.00 £19.18
Beige Diamond Cotton Throw
Regular price £29.70 £36.00
Rectangular Beige Jute Rug
Regular price £49.00 £83.00

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