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Why Ceramics Make Great Home Decor

Why Ceramics Make Great Home Decor

Why Ceramics Make Great Home Decor

At Mytri Designs we pride ourselves in ensuring our products are carefully handmade and in doing so, try to keep traditional crafts alive and give artisans a platform to showcase their work.

In our home decor collections, many of our products are made with ceramics.

But, when people think of ceramics in the home they often think about tiles or bathroom styling. That is absolutely not the case anymore when it comes to ceramic home decor.

With handmade ceramics, there is something special behind each product. The character of each piece, the styling, the paint, everything is unique and tells a story from the artist who created it.

All of this adds to create something special and beautiful to style your home with.
And just one of the many reasons why we support ceramic artists and products and why this is important to us.

What makes these products so important and why should you think about using ceramics as part of your home decorations?

Here are just some of the benefits of Ceramics in Home Decor...

Easy to clean and maintain

One of the benefits of ceramic home decor is just how easy they are to clean. You can just clean with a wipe or wet cloth as ceramics are resistant to water stains.

However, with our hand-painted pieces it is worth being careful using detergent and chemicals as it may damage the paint finish over time.

As easy to maintain and durable as ceramic pieces are, always ensure you are careful with other materials attached, such as metal mounts, wooden handles, etc.

Health and Hygiene

Ceramic products are some of the safest you can use to style your home, as they are completely free of toxic substances and volatile compounds.

Even better, their waterproof surface does not retain mites, bacteria, fungus, molds, and other irritants or chemicals that could cause allergies.

This is hugely important and something a lot of people don’t consider when decorating their homes.
After all, who wants to feel uncomfortable in their own homes?

If you are thinking consciously about health in your home, always think about what you can do with ceramic decor.


Ceramic products can be known for being fragile, yet compared to their counterparts such as glass and porcelain, ceramic can withstand heavier movement or even a light fall.

But a major benefit to ceramic decor pieces is how resistant they are to sudden temperature changes. So you can have no fear of your ceramic decor piece cracking under summer heat or extreme winter cold.

Its thermal properties make them a great choice for oil burners as it can withstand the heat over long periods of time without any changes and damage occurring.

This also answers a much-asked question; Can ceramics go in the microwave? While we can only speak for ourselves -Yes, absolutely! Your ceramic mugs and bowls can be used in a microwave safely without damage.

One of the age-old reasons ceramic mugs and bowls can’t be heated at high temperatures is because chemicals used in the crafting process can contaminate your food and drink.

However, with our chemical-free, handcraft process, you can be assured our products are completely safe and natural.

So when thinking about microwaving ceramics, always be sure you know where your product came from.

Also, considering ceramics are fairly low maintenance, you can use them for decoration practically anywhere in your home.

Eco-Friendly & Ethically Made

Being eco-friendly is becoming more and more important when it comes to thinking about what we have in our homes.

With ceramics, you can be sure you are getting a sustainably made product that is environmentally friendly in its crafting and production.

Not only are the materials used plentiful, but they are easy to manufacture, easy to recycle, and most ceramic products contain recycled materials helping lower the environmental impact during the crafting process.

For us as Mytri Designs, creating ethically made products means working with suppliers who pay a fair wage, maintain safe working conditions, with no child labor involved.

In order to ensure the sustainability of our products and methods we take the care of regularly checking in on our suppliers to ensure that the conditions and manufacturing processes are the best that they can be.

Versatility and Originality

Ceramics can be used indoors and outdoors. We already know about the durability of the materials and products, so there are endless ideas and locations you could think of when it comes to decoration in any season or weather.

Ceramic decor can suit almost any kind of space and aesthetic and the wide variety of colors and unique designs available add to the appeal of ceramics.

Ceramic crafting comes in the form of, bowls, mugs, vases, coat hooks, wall hangings, door and drawer knobs, candle holders, oil burners and so much more. You just need to decide if the design is right for you.

Discover our vast range of hand crafted ceramic home decor and see what is right for you.

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