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Using Nature For Craft Inspiration

Using Nature For Craft Inspiration

Use Nature For Craft Inspiration

At Mytri Designs we love to celebrate crafting. And we love to discover new ways of bringing crafts to life. But you don’t need to be an expert to enjoy crafting. Anyone can enjoy crafting and the benefits that it brings.

With the seasons changing people as Spring sweeps in, it’s a great time to use nature for crafting inspiration.

You can incorporate so much from nature into creating art. Think of things you can do with pine cones, sticks, twigs, and leaves.


Paper crafting is growing in popularity in the home but by using nature you can use real leaves and sticks to fill out your designs. Create your own designs and use nature to bring them to life.

Learn how to preserve leaves and flowers to use them in beautiful designs and even frame them to add a beautiful look to a picture or picture frame.

With Macrame is becoming more and more popular. With nature you can gather sticks, twigs and leaves and incorporate them into your macrame designs.


Make your own homemade bird feeder. The season where migrating birds are looking for their new seasonal home you can make them feel welcome with a bird feeder. Almost any sort of container you have in the house could be turned into a bird-feeder. As long as you have a way to hang it or attach it somewhere outside, you can create your very own bird feeder.


But just as important as using nature it's also as important to give back and help preserve nature too! You can also do your part by choosing to use materials that are recycled. You can also look to reuse something that you would normally throw away. Look at ideas you can craft using old cereal boxes and newspapers.

Old newspaper can be easily used to create stunning pieces that can be used around the home, such as bowls, coasters, place mats and more! Check out some of our recycled paper crafts for inspiration!


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