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Recycled Metal Plant Pots

Recycled Metal Plant Pots

Upcycled metal is one of our favourite materials. Décor from reclaimed metal is sturdy, and perfect to create an authentic rustic look. However, its main appeal is not in the looks but in its story. Many of our planters have been given a second life by skilled metal workers in Northern India who have turned unwanted discarded pieces of iron into something that is loved and sought after.

We can’t get enough of seeing old scrap metal being transformed into popular stylish home decor. And we as well as other sellers have been proven right by our customers. With the growing awareness of consumers for the necessity to make conscious choices, we have seen a rising demand for sustainable home décor, and planters in particular. With many feeling the strain of lockdown, creating their own green sanctuary indoors or outdoors has been a much-needed source of joy and energy.

What could be more satisfying than admiring your favourite plants showcased in original and beautiful flowerpots. And the extra benefit of knowing these items come from sustainable sources will surely be the source of further happiness. Take a look at our range - our planters come in all shapes and sizes. Round, flat, kettle- or helmet-shaped, hanging, standing, rough, shiny, vintage or industrial. Take your pick here!

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