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Health Benefits Of Crafting

Health Benefits Of Crafting

Health Benefits Of Crafting

We pride ourselves on our values in providing high quality hand crafted and sustainably produced products.But as important as crafting is for the livelihood of the suppliers we support and us as a small business.Crafting can be equally as important for you!

Here are just some health benefits of crafting that you can take advantage of.

Reduced stress. Stress is one of our leading causes of health problems. Its effects range from migraines and fatigue to heart failure and even early memory loss. Getting involved in crafting can act as a form of meditation as a daily way to minimize the effects of stress in your life. Due to the repetition and meditative state you can find yourself in while crafting, you can remove yourself from daily causes of stress and negative thoughts. Crafting is immersive and can get you into a positive flow with a piece of art at the end of it to showcase.

Some crafts known to help with reducing stress include, Pottery, knitting, and even gardening. 

Help relieve and reduce depression and anxiety. Depression relief is by far the most reported and studied benefit of crafting. The repetition of the crafts has been shown to release serotonin, a natural anti-depressant. It is a feel good hobby where stress and anxiety is left outside. Depression can often leave people feeling low about themselves but when you create a piece of art that you can be proud of and call your own it overpowers and feeling of negativity. It is a very tangible and positive approach to helping people feel good about themselves.

Projects help build self-esteem. When self-esteem is low it is easy to be critical of yourself and less capable in taking on some of lifes challenges. One recommended way to help boost self-esteem is to take on a new challenge. With crafting,working on and then creating a product can help create a positive mood set. This can help you feel positive about yourself and help you switch off from the pressures of day to day life while working on something positive such as a piece of art or new product you can enjoy and be proud of.

Can help with insomnia. Insomnia can be quite frustrating for anyone who suffers with it. Focusing on crafting and putting yourself into a meditative and relaxing state with little to no stress can help people wind down. Studies have show that insomnia patients reported improved sleep with 90% being able to eliminate medication in a program that included crafting.

Builds community and friendships. It always helps to have a community of support around you. You can meet other makers and become inspired by the ideas and positivity from others with similar interests.

Getting together with a group of people to craft together can turn it into a social activity, which we know is good for your general well-being while also strengthening support networks.

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